Watford's Kickstart to Christmas!

Electric Umbrella are helping to KICK START CHRISTMAS on Sunday 29 November alongside Watford Borough Council, Mayor Peter Taylor and Chairman Aga Dychton.

They need your voices in the SILENT NIGHT CHALLENGE. We want you to summon up the early stirrings of the Christmas spirit and to send us your video rendition of SILENT NIGHT, so we can include it in a wonderful community compilation to be premiered on the night. 


Here's what you need to do

LISTEN: Check the (basic guide track here) and SING the first verse ONLY in BOTH keys, in any language and in any way you like. 

FILM yourselves singing (in landscape) and send us the recording. 

USE EARPHONES so we dont' hear the track. If you're recording as a group keep the volume super low! We want to hear from you only.

KEEP THE ROOM QUIET as possible and try to make sure your mic isn’t overloading or distorting and choose a room that isn’t too echoey.

SEND YOUR VIDEO by Friday 13 November via WE TRANSFER to the email address info@electricumbrella.co.uk. Registered your interest on Facebook.

© Watford Borough Council

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