Your Chance To Help!

Watford fans’ sense of community is renowned within the football industry – and supporters have a chance to show why we’re The Original Family Club with Watford FC's ‘Hornets At Home’ initiative, during what’s set to be a difficult time for many due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The initiative aims to provide practical support to the most vulnerable people amongst our supporter base and community, such as delivery of medicines and groceries. To get involved and find out more, visit watfordfc.com/club/hornets-home-your-chance-help

The Hornets are also hosting NHS staff induction courses, providing urgent meeting spaces, warehousing needs, childcare facilities and more during the coronavirus outbreak.

They have also started a ‘Friends from afar’ series on their website, where they are asking supporters to write a blog of both their current situation as well as their memories as Watford supporters, to create a sense of togetherness. (Italy, Cayman Islands and New England - USA)

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